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Salinas Valley Leadership Group Corporate (SVLGC) is a voluntary, non-partisan, unincorporated organization supported by contributions from its members. The purpose of SVLGC is to monetarily support candidates for local elections, educate elected officials and candidates for political office about issues important to the members and supporters of SVLGC, and support candidates for election to political offices in Monterey County, primarily the Salinas Valley, North Monterey County, and the Greater Salinas areas.

Corporate Application

Salinas Valley Leadership Group Corporate is a two-­year commitment, at $4,500 a year. A minimum payment of first year dues is required at the time of enrollment, with the option to pay for a full two years upfront. 

If you’d like to cancel your membership please contact us via email at

You can also become a Corporate member by printing and mailing your application.

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