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Celia Perez Martinez

Candidate - Hartnell Community College District Area 5

  • Occupation: Public Works Superintendent

  • Graduate Georgetown University, Washington, DC

  • Employed by the City of Pacific Grove

  • President of the Employee Management Association

  • Fundraiser for local charities including Relay for Life, Monterey County Symphony, The York School, and Madonna Del Sasso

  • She has served on local boards, including as a Trustees for The York School and President of TRUCHA

  • Lifelong Salinas Resident who has been married 20 years to Raul Martinez, who is a 25-year educator. They have three adult children.

  • To ensure that Hartnell College remains a fiscally viable institution so it may continue to improve and grow its services to the community

  • To ensure successful development of campuses and programs that serve the educational needs of the students and the economic needs of our community

  • To ensure that all the college’s constituencies are heard and that their interests are represented

Erica Padilla-Chavez

Candidate - Hartnell Community College District Area 6

For the last two years, I have served as a school board member in Soledad and I’ve worked with my colleagues-each with their own perspectives-to secure a good education for our students. Not all students have the same needs. Some may need clear pathways to higher education while others need vocational training that will provide them with jobs or career opportunities. We need to create these pathways for all.


  • UC Berkeley Alumni

  • Current Soledad Unified School Board Trustee

  • Current Vice-President of the Monterey County School Board Association

  • Current Soledad Rotary Member

  • Former University Academic Department Manager

  • Current Health Management Analyst for the County of Monterey

  • Married with two children and lives in Soledad.

Candi Depauw

Candidate - Hartnell Community College District Area 7

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. My parents instilled in me a strong work ethic and a strong moral conscience,  the later of which taught caring, understanding, fairness, honesty, and trustworthiness. My father was transferred to New York to work with SONJ, so, I graduated from Scarsdale High School in New York, later we returned to Houston. I attended college at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) for two years and then transferred to Texas A & M University (I was the 2nd female to ever be admitted). In 1968, I was married and we moved to Houston, where I finished my undergraduate degree at the University of Houston with a B.S. in Sociology/Political Science. Later, we moved to Fort Collins, Colorado where I studied and graduated with a Masters of  Agriculture in Horticulture. I then moved to Half Moon Bay, CA and began my “plant” career as greenhouse manager; this eventually brought me to Salinas as greenhouse manager for Sunnyside Nurseries.


In 1981, I added to my resume Labor Relations and moved from the nursery industry to produce, where I spent several years working for Bud Antle, Inc. (under Castle & Cooke, Inc.) Finally bit by the “self-employment” bug, I went out on my own; first, in the retail plant business and then for the last 25 years as a Landscape Contractor, which I still practice.  In 2009, I proudly added Monterey County Ag Education, Inc. to my “to do” list and continue to be the Farm Day Coordinator. Also in 2009,  I threw my hat in the ring to be a Hartnell College Trustee; clearly one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made.  I hope to continue as the Area 7 representative for the four years.

Evamaria Martinez

Incumbent - Salinas Union High School District Area 5

Evamarie Martinez is a life-long resident of Salinas Valley and Salinas High School graduate. A proud parent with her husband Tony Martinez they have four beautiful children. Mrs. Martinez attended Hartnell College and Salinas Adult School, where she became a licensed nursing assistant working in the healthcare industry aiding our community seniors since 1994. Currently, she is a consultant for Adobe Home Health Inc. Martinez is currently an active member of the Everett Alvarez High School Parent Club. She volunteered to work the first time Non-profit Fireworks booth which helped raise thousands of much-needed funds for Alvarez sports. Mrs. Martinez has always possessed a fundraising gift in grant writing which has aided in a number of youth organizations in the community.

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